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    – A Mess Ministry [Grief supports]

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    – PIP [Partner-In-Policy Making]

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With God ALL things are possible!


The Community Interpreters


“Thank you to the other friends and partners of God’s Hands Agency, too, because together

we ARE making a difference!”


– L.M. in Apopka


– T.T. in Orlando

• Christian ASL Interpreting Services

    – Churches, Organizations, Conferences, Weddings, Funerals, etc.
• PCCI [Professional Christian Church Interpreter] Conferences

​• Online Training [Example.: ASL Tips for Terps]

​• Learn Sign Language [FaceBook Live Events]

• Deaf Culture Awareness

• Signing Mom

“God’s Hands Agency has inspired me, and helped me become a passionate servant leader.”

• Deaf DIVAS

• Leading DIVAS

• PJ Parties and Prayer Spas

• A Mess Ministry

    – AfterCare [Grief supports and training]

    – Physical death

    – Domestic violence

​• On-site Biblical Tours

​• TEA Time [Time to Encourage and Adorn]

• Think It Thru overview

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